crabs std

crabs STD picturesCrab STD or Genital crabs or which is also known as crab lice, are parasitic insects which grow in genital or pubic area of human being. This disease is found worldwide, in all races, ethnicities and level of societies.

The crab STD has several forms, viz. the egg which is also called as nit, nymph and an adult. Lice eggs are usually found around pubic hair shafts and very difficult to see. They are quite firmly attached to the shafts and possess oval shape with white or yellow color. These eggs take normally 6 to 10 days to hatch.

The nymph which comes out of eggs is an immature form of lice. Generally a nymph looks exactly similar to an adult louse but is smaller than one. They are too like their eggs, possess oval shape and white or yellow color. These nymphs take usually 2 to 3 weeks to become an adult and to grow and continue living, they use on blood.

crabs stdAdult pubic liceare perfectly capable of reproducing and look very similar to a sea crab. They have total six legs out of which two are very large having pincer like shape. They are better known as crabs due to this pincer like legs. An adult pubic louse is grayish in color. Females are generally larger than males. Female lice lay eggs. All lice must feed on blood as if they don’t get it, they’ll die. If a louse falls off the pubic hairs, it dies within one or two days.

One can find many crabs STD pictures on various health related websites to decide whether he/she has crabs or not.

Genital crab usually spreads through sexual contact. Alternatively they can also spread if a person having these crabs sleeps in close contact with another person. Although this is very rare case, this can happen as they can live off the hairs for one or two days.

Treatment:Genital crabs
The crabs STD require special medical attention and home remedy should not be used. Once detected, a general practitioner should be approached. A solution comprising 1% permethrin or made up of piperonyl butoxide and pyrethrins is generally used for treating this disease. These medicines are available even without prescriptions and are very effective.

There is another way of getting rid of this disease and that is Lindane shampoo. But it is not used for primary treatment and used only if first line treatment fails as it is considered as dangerous for brain and other parts of nervous system.