Fordyce Spots on Lips

What are they?

Sometimes on see tiny white bumps on and around the lips, those bumps are called as Fordyce Spots. They are painless and non-infectious and are more of a cosmetic concern than a clinical disease. Fordyce granules can be treated as same disease as Fordyce spot, the only difference is former occurs inside the mouth while latter outside. Such spots and granules appear due to what is known as ectopic sebaceous glands present within the mouth and on the lips.They do not pose harm and are a normal occurrence in about 80% of adults and the granules inside the mouth do not need to be treated.

As Fordyce granules and Fordyce spots on lips are usually painless, if you do experience pain or swelling, it is better to consult a doctor or visit a dentist just to make sure that it is not some other serious dermatological condition or oral disease.

The spots on the lips which are 1-3 mm in diameter are white or yellow in color and are also known as sebaceous prominence because they are caused by oil-producing glands. These glands are not linked with hair follicles and the lesions have no symptoms except that they make individuals feel unattractive. However if they are treated inimproper ways they can itch and swell. So it’s not a good idea to try exotic treatments. They usually appear in late age and are best if left alone.

Unlike pimples which are caused by bacteria that are trapped by sebum or oil, Fordyce spots, not being associated with hair follicles are simply raised bumpy blemishes which are painless, without any pus and harmless. In simple words, they cannot spread to cause an infection.

Fordyce Spots on Lips

Men and women who seek treatment are simply suffering from the anxiety of self-consciousness because of the yellow or swelled look of the spots. Most physicians do not prescribe any treatment to remove them, however in a few cases laser surgery has been done successfully to some extent, which yields scarring. 
The condition is also called Fordyce’s Disease which is named after the American Dermatologist John Addison Fordyce. The medical term forits appearance is known as ‘idiopathic’ because of its ambiguous and obscure cause. Its diagnosis is done by a visual examination. There is some speculation that genetic factors may be involved but there has not been conclusive evidence to support this.

Treatment if sought, takes the form of tretinoin creams along with alpha hydroxides. However the wait and watch approach is sometimes the best way to treat this asymptomatic condition. It is also advisable to maintain personal hygiene and consume a well-balanced diet including the vitamins A, C, D, B and K, along with plenty of green-vegetables rich in micronutrients. 

Coping with Fordyce’s spots on lips:
Ultimately there are some ways of coping with this condition. First one should keep an upbeat attitude about the Fordyce granules or spots. Obsession with the spots will lead to unnecessary depression and anxiety. It’s a good idea to talk with others about this condition so that one can gain mental support and otherwise regarding treatment etc. another way to cope with it is by reading everything about the disease. Armed with knowledge one can seek proper advice from the right sources.