How To Get Rid Of Pearly Penile Papules

Pearly penile papules
What are they?

You might be having thousand questions right now in your mind. What is that bump? Is it any disease? Is it cancer? Well, relax guys, take some fresh air. I know it is damn unnerving to find small bumps on penis, but there is simple explanation to that. Although you should have get it checked beforehand from your doctor, it is more likely that it is pearly penile papules which scientifically known as hirsuties papillaris genitalis. Although its name is as scary as its sight, you need not worry much about it as once you have figured that those small bumps are you will automatically find ways to deal with it. You can find almost thousands of pearly penile papules pictures online which can help you with detection.

Although they tend to look scary, they are completely harmless and thus one can even live without getting them removed ever; but if you feel awkward about it, you can remove it through one or another way which we have discussed later.


These bumps are not uncommon among man especially within the age range of 20 to 30. People mistake these bumps with sexually transmitted diseases but they are not STDs. The reason why these bumps appear is not exactly known yet, but dermatologist say that this might be due to sebaceous cyst or clogged gland.


Pearly penile papules are often mistaken for genital warts which is totally false. Another misconception that is found and has mostly harmful effects is that pearly penile papules can be cured totally with home remedies. There is truth in it but only to some extent, home remedies can soften the bumps but cannot entirely cure it. You will have to take help of dermatologist for totally curing it. Again popping theses bumps won’t work and might even aggravate infection further. So stay away from such misconceptions.

Conditions and symptoms:

Pearly penile papules are nothing but small bumps found on the edge of penis head. These tiny bumps are usually flesh colored and rose a little higher than normal skin with a dome shape. They are observed to be formed in organized rows but they have no harmful effects otherwise.

Pearly penile papules removal

Though they pose no harm to health, many people try to seek pearly penile papules removal as they feel conscious about it. If you want to remove them or reduce them, it can be done using carbon dioxide laser ablation.

The procedure is quite simple as doctor will remove those bumps using Co2 laser after numbing the area surrounding it. You will get the itching sensation for a couple of weeks, but you will be back to normal after that. This surgery is the safest and probably the most effective one.

Even though they can be removed by surgery, it may happen that during one’s lifetime, these papules appear and disappear without any medication. So if you don’t want to undergo any surgery, don’t worry you might get rid of them all by yourself too.